Where’d My Summer Go?

Ok, so I’m looking at my last blog post (2 months ago!!) and thinking – oh my god, I’m so off my game. I’ve been over-busy and while I’ve cut a few responsibilities out, just recently, the honest truth is that I’ll be over-booking myself again soon. I always do- I kind of get excited about stuff and get involved. And when I get involved I get INVOLVED. Like, “pack your bags and move out, this is my place now” kind of involved. This is where I lie and say that, not only am I aware of this habit (as I am) but I’m working on it (I’m not). So that’s where I’ve been for the last two months – being INVOLVED. Mostly over at Project Mammoth’s website, and also at home.

There’s been daily swim practice on top of weekend swim meets combined with coaching my 11 year old through the painful stages of writing her first novel. Just yesterday she came to me, frustrated to the point of giving up – “I can’t do this! I watched I Robot and their story is SO MUCH BETTER! I’ll never be good enough!” It was like looking in a mirror, including her responses to my sage advice of “a shitty novel is better than no novel” or “just keep writing it gets better” and “it’s your first novel, it’s going to look nothing like what you write now when you’re done.” I read what she had and it wasn’t bad (mainly too rushed, as one tends to do when they move from the short form to the long form of storytelling). I told her so and, later, she wrote more.

This is the same kid I took on a 15 day trip to China (It was incredible, I’ll blog about that at a later point, after I’ve checked for typos and finished sorting it all out visually as well as in my head). The very one who finally made the swim team she wanted to be on only to be told she’s got to be better or she’ll have to move on and is still pushing forward. The same kiddo who’s enrolled in an arts middle school with a creative writing program because she’s going to be an author when she grows up. She’s fearless and full of fear all at the same time. I think we all are. We just forget that we’re afraid – as we get older.

My life wasn’t any more sane than hers either. Over the summer we hit a few cons (those blogs are all on vol-2-coverProject Mammoth’s blog page), the print and ebook versions of Volume 1 of my comic Project Mammoth: Dying Light went on sale and we started into Volume 2, which is currently free to read bi-weekly on the website. We’ve added a colorist named Maksim Strelkov (who lives in Russia but looks strikingly like this guy I grew up with) and the cover our line artist Kevin McCoy came up with for Volume 2 is just beautiful. There’s still film scripts and costumes in the works for the accompanying web series, whose production dates had to be pushed back. But all good things in all good time, right?

Meanwhile I’m (at least attempting to) start up an in-person critique group. Yup, me, being social face to face with more than like one person at a time. This is BIG NEWS folks. Big. And back at work, of course, after a summer off. It was a good summer. It’s going to be a good fall (with Ren Fair and Halloween just around the corner how could it not be, right?) and I promise to post something at least once a month.