Whose Gender is it Anyway?

When I write first person, I (and I'd wager most authors) think it allows the fantastic opportunity for the reader to insert themselves into the story. Unless you define that gender or that physical representation in some definitive way, the character is whatever the reader says it is! Or, at least, that's what I thought … Continue reading Whose Gender is it Anyway?


Our Excursion to China

Back in June I took my 11-year-old on a tour to China, through China Spree tours. This is our story. Our 16 hour flight landed at 6am. After a shifty, dull, restless flight, we were ready to be alive again by the time we touched down in Beijing. The first thing I noted was how … Continue reading Our Excursion to China

The To-Do of Crowdfunding

Today in my Kick Start This blog series, I'm giving you a very concise to-do list. It's time consuming, but well worth it. Determine your platform (see previous post on platforms to help out) Determine your need Why are you crowdfunding (see previous post on why crowdfunding)? What do you need financially (this will take … Continue reading The To-Do of Crowdfunding

In the Spotlight with The Stan Lee Foundation

All this week (September 21-27th, 2015) the Stan Lee Foundation will be spotlighting me on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the lovely people from the Stan Lee Foundation at Comicpalooza this year and we got to chatting about art and working with kids - something both the … Continue reading In the Spotlight with The Stan Lee Foundation