My Blogs

My blog posts, a mix of nursing, writing, and sociopolitical thought can be found right here under the Blog link.

The web and print comic Project Mammoth: Dying Light written by myself and illustrated by Kevin McCoy is on permanent hiatus. Producer iNHale Film Productions has given me permission to post pages to my site for you to enjoy!

It can’t be gluten free, where I occasionally put up the gluten free recipes I make up, has been moved to my blog. Mostly because I’m busy and don’t have time to maintain 3 separate sites!

My Friends

Victor’s blog, My crazy thoughts & how I word them

My love’s films can be found at: iNHale Film. Yes, I helped with or am in some of them. I know, I’m crazy, and a horrible actor (I tried to tell him that).

The amazing Ink in Motion book trailer advertising company – also my husband’s handiwork – whom I have worked for/with in the past, script writing and doing some epub work.

Stuff I dig

Other Authors:

Garth Nix’s website, need I say more?

The ever-awesome Neil Gaiman.

My god of comedy, Terry Pratchett.

Yet another awesome writer, Karen Marie Moning.

The indescribably amazing Joy Preble.

Christina Strain & Jayd Aït-Kaci’s The Fox Sister webcomic.

The incredible duo that is Illona Andrews.

The delightfully creepy Kendare Blake.

The blog-website of my darling friend and once-upon-a-time critique partner Nazarea Andrews, who is totally worth the read.