The Day That Grandmother Died, a poem of sorts

The day that Grandmother died They asked us to come to her hospital bedside In case she didn't make it Though they thought that she would The day my Grandmother died The day my Grandmother died My Mom tried not to cry She begged Gran to live Said she knew that she could The day … Continue reading The Day That Grandmother Died, a poem of sorts

Always forward

2016 has been a year of rough stuff. That election and the resulting loss of human rights and even human lives. Celebrity deaths that crippled all kinds of people emotionally. 2016, a year people went into hating - the number of "is this year over yet" posts I saw in January was cray - remained … Continue reading Always forward

A Comparison of Crowdfunding Platforms

This year, we've dipped into the world of Crowdfunding our art with Project Mammoth. If you've missed it, Project Mammoth is a transmedia scifi sorry told through a web and print comic and a live-action web series. Early this year we crowd-funded the print run of Volume 1, on the Kickstarter platform at 154%. More … Continue reading A Comparison of Crowdfunding Platforms

Meet me at Space City!

I'll be at Space City Comic Con just 8 days from now (Friday May 27th-Sunday May 29th), signing advanced copies of my sci-fi comic with artist Kevin McCoy - Project Mammoth: Dying Light! We'll have giveaways throughout the weekend, and there'll be special screenings of the upcoming companion web series, Project Mammoth: Awakening. After each screening … Continue reading Meet me at Space City!

Parenting an Artist, Part 3

Last summer, as I mentioned in my Parenting an Artist posts (read part 1 here and part 2 here), we did a 'home school summer camp' with our then 10-year-old. She spent the summer working on short stories, which landed her a place in the creative writing track of her dream middle school. She also … Continue reading Parenting an Artist, Part 3