Parenting an Artist, Part 3

Last summer, as I mentioned in my Parenting an Artist posts (read part 1 here and part 2 here), we did a 'home school summer camp' with our then 10-year-old. She spent the summer working on short stories, which landed her a place in the creative writing track of her dream middle school. She also … Continue reading Parenting an Artist, Part 3


Parenting an Artist, part 2

Today we're talking Homeschool Summer Camp - the 'make your kid do real art' initiative I dreamed up for Jade's summer this year. I had several strong reasons for this insanity when I thought it up back in the late spring. The first one was rather selfishly personal: last year I heard "I'm bored" way too many times. … Continue reading Parenting an Artist, part 2

Parenting an Artist, part 1

My daughter Jade, who is currently 10 and gearing up for 5th grade, already knows exactly what she wants to make money doing when she gets old enough to have to pay the bills. She wants to be an artist. This is, of course, a complete joy for any parent to hear. I mean, there's … Continue reading Parenting an Artist, part 1