The Day That Grandmother Died, a poem of sorts

The day that Grandmother died They asked us to come to her hospital bedside In case she didn't make it Though they thought that she would The day my Grandmother died The day my Grandmother died My Mom tried not to cry She begged Gran to live Said she knew that she could The day … Continue reading The Day That Grandmother Died, a poem of sorts


Parenting an Artist, Part 3

Last summer, as I mentioned in my Parenting an Artist posts (read part 1 here and part 2 here), we did a 'home school summer camp' with our then 10-year-old. She spent the summer working on short stories, which landed her a place in the creative writing track of her dream middle school. She also … Continue reading Parenting an Artist, Part 3

The Anatomy of Success

In our last Kick Start This blog series post, I'll discuss success - and what it means to have a successful crowdfunding campaign. The Kickstarter campaign for Project Mammoth: Dying Light vol. 1 funded, and then some. But was it successful? We based our total campaign goals off of what was viable for our project … Continue reading The Anatomy of Success

The To-Do of Crowdfunding

Today in my Kick Start This blog series, I'm giving you a very concise to-do list. It's time consuming, but well worth it. Determine your platform (see previous post on platforms to help out) Determine your need Why are you crowdfunding (see previous post on why crowdfunding)? What do you need financially (this will take … Continue reading The To-Do of Crowdfunding

To Kick or GoGo

There are a bunch of crowdfunding platforms out there, but in today's Kick Start This! blog post we'll focus on my two favorites (Kickstarter and IndieGoGo) and why I chose the one I chose. Probably the two biggest differences between the platforms that creators should be aware of is this: With Kickstarter, you only get money if … Continue reading To Kick or GoGo

Why Crowdfunding

Today in my Kick Start This! blog post series, I'll be covering the WHY of crowdfunding. There's a lot to consider, so this is a little lengthy. It's worth it. First off, a little background about the project that I crowdfunded. Project Mammoth is a transmedia venture from iNHale Film, my husband's multi-award winning film production company. … Continue reading Why Crowdfunding

Kick Start This!

As most of you're aware, we ran a Kickstarter in February for Volume 1 of Dying Light. Backers got cool rewards and we got funding to help us afford a print run. We fully funded with about 10 days left to our campaign and as soon as that happened, I started getting asked THE QUESTION. How'd … Continue reading Kick Start This!

Writing for Comics

So, when Nathan and I developed the concept for Project Mammoth, we quickly realized that we wanted all the portions of this transmedia project to be highly visual. I went into the project fully aware that it meant collaborating on a script for the video portions, but this also meant that the segments we weren't going … Continue reading Writing for Comics

Parenting an Artist, part 2

Today we're talking Homeschool Summer Camp - the 'make your kid do real art' initiative I dreamed up for Jade's summer this year. I had several strong reasons for this insanity when I thought it up back in the late spring. The first one was rather selfishly personal: last year I heard "I'm bored" way too many times. … Continue reading Parenting an Artist, part 2