Parenting an Artist, Part 3

Last summer, as I mentioned in my Parenting an Artist posts (read part 1 here and part 2 here), we did a ‘home school summer camp’ with our then 10-year-old. She spent the summer working on short stories, which landed her a place in the creative writing track of her dream middle school. She also wrote a short script and, under the tutelage of her dad and the owner of iNHale Film, she made the first in what she hopes will be a science-fantasy web series entitled The Dimension Crawlers. As soon as post-production was done, she submitted it to WorldFest Houston, a local international film festival who sees more than 4,000 submissions in categories ranging from Students Middle Grade and Below to Feature Length films. Because of the submission, we haven’t been able to share her film with the world, until now, because she was awarded a Silver Remi for her short film!


Check it out and share it with a kid you love!